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Community Pantries that Accept GCash Donations


Community Pantry in the Philippines that Accept GCash Donations: The Philippines is now infamous for having the longest COVID-related lockdown in the world. Many cities in the country have been in quarantine for over a year, leaving many Filipinos jobless, hungry, and dying. The Philippine Government’s response to the COVID pandemic is poor and it is clear that the current officials are incompetent and not equipped to handle the situation.

How the Community Pantry Movement Started in the Philippines

Recognizing that they are now left to fend after themselves, Filipinos have started their own grass-root initiatives to help fellow less fortunate Filipinos have food on their tables every day. This has led to the birth of Community Pantries. To make up for the Government’s inadequate response in her community, Ana Patricia Non, a resident of Quezon City, set up a humble cart in Maginhawa Street, containing canned goods and vegetables that are free for anyone who needed food to get through the day. Since then, many other community pantries have sprung up all over the country – all inspired by Non’s simple gesture to provide for the needy.

Listed: Community Pantries that Accept GCash Donations

If you are unable to donate in kind, here is a running list of community pantries where you can donate through GCash:

KNL (Sarah’s)

As shared by Sassa Gurl





Welcome Rotunda, QC









Malaybalay, Bukidnon

UP Diliman

community pantry gcash

For more Community Pantry Communities where you can donate in cash, kind, or GCash, you may also join the Community Pantry PH Facebook Group.

You may also purchase Community Pantry packs from Gising Gising PH. The packs will be donated directly to their pantry partners.

What is a Community Pantry? The Meaning behind this Bayanihan Effort

A Community Pantry (in Tagalog, “Paminggalan ng Komunidad”) is a concept where goods, most commonly food, is provided directly to individuals who need them the most. In the case of the Philippines, many Filipinos have lost their jobs, so volunteers and private individuals (and in some cases, celebrities like Angel Locsin) have set up these pantries where the less fortunate can take food according to their needs.

Kumuha ng Naayon sa Pangangailangan, Magibgay ng Naayon sa Kakayahan

This is the community pantry tagline that has become popular in the Philippines. In english, this unofficial slogan roughly translates to: “Get According to your Need, Give According to your Means. True enough, this has become the spirit of the Community Pantry effort in the Philippines. Even the most humble individuals donate according to their ability. Nothing describes Filipino Bayanihan better.

However, it is important to acknowledge that the appearance of community pantries in the Philippines is the direct result of the incompetence of the Philippine Government. The pandemic response is done so poorly to the point that people have taken it upon themselves to help each other out. We demand good leadership and proper governance so that Filipinos will no longer need community pantries in the first place.


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