urc snacks

Order Your Favorite URC Snacks From Zalora

I’ve always known Zalora as an Ecommerce shop with a specific niche for clothes. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they also offer other items too – such as skin care, electronics, home supplies, and yes, even food! Since the quarantine, I’ve gotten used to having my groceries booked online and delivered to my home, so if there’s another option out there that lets me do buy my groceries online, why not?

With this discovery comes the realization that some of my favorite snacks are also available in Zalora. Various URC (Universal Robina Corp.) products such as Great Taste Coffee, Nissin, Swiss Miss, Dewberry, and more URC goodies are now available on Zalora.

Simply go to the “Essentials” tab, click “Food and Beverages“, then you can already start searching and “add to cart” your snack-time companions like Piattos, C2, V-Cut, Vitasoy, and other URC snacks, candies, chocolates, and beverages, and have them delivered straight to their home.

Payment can be made through cash on delivery or use debit or credit cards.

Start shopping for URC products by downloading the Zalora app or visiting Zalora’s website at
www.zalora.com.ph. To learn more about URC, you may visit its website (www.urc.com.ph) and Facebook page